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At Sea: Albatrosses and fronts

November 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

We have seen our first Albatross. Now officially allowed to feel cold even if it is 20°C! Such graceful flyers. I saw a shearwater with a fish close to the boat earlier in the day. First time I have seen one of the good flying birds feeding. I was getting to wonder when they ever fed.

We are south of 30° when lows and their fronts become an issue. We have a front coming through 3 am tomorrow. The weather files have a maximum of 18 knots and with luck it will be below 30 knots. We will probably get the Trysail out on deck to save the battle in the middle of the night should it be required. Trysail is always the best sail when the wind goes above 30 knots.

Mary had a tricky watch last night keeping the boat going in the fading wind. She nearly gave up a few times but finally had to admit defeat at 11PM and we have been motoring ever since. At midday we are due to get the beginnings of the NW wind that will lead up to the front. Past the half way milestone now. Position: 30°02’S 170°18’E [-30.037,170.3] at 06:00 GMT+12 , GMT 18:00 2nd November 24hr run: 139 miles by GPS, 141.9 by log 411 miles to Whangarei, New Zealand. ETA at 5 knots: 18:39 Sun 6th November GMT+12 Time Wind: South West 7 knots Sea: Long large SW swell Sky: 70% cloud cover. Air temp 18°C. Sea Temp 20°C.

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