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Bonus day in Baie de Kouakoue

October 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

We have just had one of those unexpected magical days.

We got up expecting to sail into 25 knots to windward to Yate. Then we noticed that the anchorage was blissfully quiet despite the strong winds blowing along the coast that we could easily see beyond the headland. Time to go up the mast and do the checks ready for the trip to New Zealand and hopefully sort a fault with the wind instruments. Done to schedule, no problems and instruments working. During the coffee after the mast work Mary suggested a walk ashore and sail further tomorrow. We are at very remote location. he nearest road is 20 miles away. The remoteness is lovely but it makes walking harder. We were optimistic when we saw deer hoof prints on the beach but we couldn’t find a path we could follow. We did find a way up an old land slide to get a great view of the bay from perhaps 150m up.

There is a deserted small village in a corner of the bay that was established for nickel mining. The people have left but the mangoes haven’t and the water supply is still intact. Lunch was a mellow white wine(Bordeaux Moelleux) with mangoes and local berries similar to raspberries. We did all our washing and filled the tanks, so now no engine running needed for the watermaker. There was even an incinerator to burn our rubbish. Sunset was red wine (Cotes de Rhone Villages) with almonds by the fire. Dinner was the last of the mahi mahi, still tasting so good. Olivia from Lifou treated us to a number of her recipes for mahi mahi while we were together at Ouvea – vanilla sauce, pepper sauce and fish pie – all very fine. I guess we should get the fishing lines out again tomorrow but no chance of mahi mahi inside the reef.

Now we are listening the to the world cup final on a French radio station. Hard to understand but the commentators sound sad and the crowd excited so we guess New Zealand are winning quite easily.

Tomorrow is an early start to get most of the way to Noumea. Position: 21°56’S 166°40’E [-21.940,166.670]

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