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At Sea: Mahi mahi for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

October 16th, 2011 · No Comments

Our first overnight sail since we arrived in New Caledonia. We have spent nearly all the time here since the beginning of September inside the lagoon with flat seas so its seems a big deal, even daunting, to venture outside. Once outside there was a great sense of freedom, no more triple checking that you are indeed missing the coral reefs close by. A great night’s sail in 7 to 10 knots coming from where we want to go but the distance is only 60 miles so we be there very soon.

We hope we have won the fishing challenge! Our cruising companions from New Caledonia that we first met in Vanuatu are sailing to Ouvea at the same time. There is of course a rather unfair sailing race, from our point of view completely fair but Lifou remind us that we are some 10ft longer than their Beneteau Oceanis 350. The fishing competition is off a level playing field. When you catch a 5ft long Mahi Mahi (that is the fish with the big head) it would have been nice if the boat was level not going to windward. We caught the fish at 4 am with just moonlight around. I put this down to my skill of having the knot where the line is attached to the shock-cord so large that it puts some life into the lure as the knot drops in and out of the water just behind the boat. First task was to wake Mary. We tried several different places to land the fish and finally got it into the middle of the cockpit. We did put the bottom board in, though, as we have heard stories of these fish leaping around and getting down below. Its a big fish so the locals ashore are in for a treat as we can’t possibly eat it all while its fresh. The few days in Ouvea will be our last lazy and sight seeing time in New Caledonia. After that we will make our way quickly to Noumea, provision, check-out and make our way to New Zealand. ETA at Whangarei is between 10th and 20th of November depending on when the weather makes it sensible to leave. We may leave as early as 31st October.

Position: 20°48’S 166°08’E [-20.805,166.128]at 06:36 GMT+11 , BST 20:36 October 16th 19.9 miles to Ile Mouli, Ouvea Wind: East 7 knots Sea: smooth with SE swell 0.5m Sea and air temp 26°C Sky: 5% cloud cover

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