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At anchor: Peterson Bay (Oyster Island), Espiritu Santo

June 17th, 2011 · No Comments

So you haven’t heard from us for a few days, well the truth is we didn’t want to tap on the keypads incase we woke up this sleepy lagoon anchorage.

We arrived through a tricky little entrance, I mean tricky we had to eyeball the bommies and weave around them, even then we only had 0.4m under the keel, at almost high tide. The bommies are the coral heads that grow up from the sea floor and you really don’t want to hit.

We are almost completely surrounded by dense bush, coconut trees popping though the top canopy. Cows roam along the shore keeping close to the trees for shade, and the tide covers and uncovers the sandy bays. Our seaward island has a resort, eleven bungalows (that’s what they call the sheds with coconut palm leaf roofs) They have internet, cool drinks and we are allowed to walk around the island, and gaze out to sea. There is a river coming into the lagoon where if you paddle or slowly dinghy motor up you come to a blue hole, where the fresh water seems cold (relative) and the swimming is good.

We plan on leaving here today or is it tomorrow, for another island. Hope fully I’ll write a few words from there.

Mary Position: 15°22’S 167°11’E [-15.373,167.19]

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