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At Sea: Port Resolution tonight

May 11th, 2011 · No Comments

We made the 6.3 knot average with ease despite some current against us, so should be tucked up in Port Resolution for the night. Several fishing boats were close to our path in the night. Seemed smaller than many ocean fishing boats and with bright lights perhaps to attract the fish. They appeared stationary and were easy to avoid with all those lights. Past the southern most Vanuatu island, Anatom, just as it got light, guide books say that the cruise liners stop there sometimes. It was covered in clouds with just the lower slopes visible. Now can see Tanna, again lots of mist about so can’t make out any detail.

We have booked our final check in with Des of Opua Offshore Communcations at 16:00 and may not be able to hear folk in NZ at our normal chat along at 19:15 on the old Big Pond net frequency of 8173. Position: 19°42’S 169°42’E [-19.7,169.7]at 12:10 GMT+12 , BST 01:10 May 11th 24hr run: 155.1 miles by GPS. 12.5 miles to Port Resolution, Tanna, Vanuatu. ETA at 5 knots: 14:27 Wed 11th May Vanuatu Local Time Wind: NE 9 knots Sea: SE swell 2.2m Sky: 50% cloud cover. sea Temp 28°C

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