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At Sea: To windward we go, we go

May 6th, 2011 · No Comments

North of 30 now traditionally the end of the westerly airflow and start of the trades – not today! Typically though the depressions don’t bring gale force winds this far north. Gusts last night 20 to 25 so easily handled by the 2 reefs. Past the one third milestone.

Discovered how to stop the mess when eating salad with oil and vinegar dressing on deck with a wind blowing. Mash in a little avocado. Flavour was good as well. It was salad and the last of the sundried tomato & beef sausages for lunch.

Position: 29°00’S 173°28’E [-29,173.466] at 09:02 GMT+12 , BST 22:02 6th May 24hr run: 131.7 miles by GPS. 606 miles to Port Resolution, Tanna, Vanuatu. ETA at 5 knots: 09:03 Thurs 12th May Vanuatu Local Time Wind: W 17 knots Sea: NW 1.5m and E 3m Sky: 15% cloud cover

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