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At sea: Raw water pumps and Battery

October 14th, 2010 · No Comments

Salt water in the bilge spotted when doing the engine checks.  Cause was the engine raw water pump.  I repaired this one in the Marquesas Islands in June last year and Kirsty brought a new spare to Tahiti so this was fitted and away we went.  Next the battery monitor was showing no battery charge – Alternator checked out OK so faulty meter.  All conspired to use all the sundowner drinks/leisure time.  I did manage my limy pork dish though for dinner.

Head winds too light to make progress so motoring still.

Position: 22°48’S 176°58’E [-22.8,176.967]at 06:28 15th GMT+12 , BST 19:28 14th October
24hr run:  118 miles by GPS, 121.3 by log.
816 miles to Whangarei, NZ. ETA at 5 knots: 01:21 Fri 22nd October NZ Summer Time
Wind: SSW 8 knots Sea: lumpy with multiple swells up to 2.5m
Sky:  70% cloud cover

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