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At sea: Sailing at last

October 12th, 2010 · No Comments

Motored until we got to the front just south of Fiji at 18:00 last night.  This front comes off a low a long way south close to New Zealand!  Now got good winds and we are close hauled on the port tack heading off to the SW to get westing in before the wind shifts later.  Already a bit cooler so fleeces on for night watches.  Cloud cover hid the small waxing moon.  Hopefully we will see more of him tonight.  Moon is lit from the bottom making him look like a hammock in the sky.

Position: 19°50’S 176°26’E [-19.83,176.43] at 06:20 13th Oct GMT+12 , BST 19:20 12th October

24hr run:  113 miles by GPS, 120 by log.

1001 miles to Whangarei, NZ. ETA at 5 knots: 14:44 Thurs 21st October NZ Summer Time

Wind: South 19 knots Sea: SSW swell 2.5m

Sky:  100% cloud cover

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