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Maintenance Continues

February 16th, 2010 · 6 Comments

Nothing of interest to report. Hence no reports!

Up on the hard in Norsand Boat Yard in Whangarei. The mast is out, the sails away with the sail maker and lots of fittings off so that we can paint the boat. We have a small flat in the boatyard which makes it comfortable and faster. I’ll put some photos on the web soon. Always pushing to get to the next step to avoid missing opportunities to move forward so little time to do anything else!

Its a very friendly place and the yard is full of long distance cruisers all doing much the same things. We have another month to go!

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  • 1 Paddy Rafferty // Feb 20, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    A very big hello and best wishes to you both on your travels.
    Didn’t get the chance to thank you for all that you did for me during our time together in Applied technology, it was a pleasure working with you and the job has enabled me to do more for my family than I ever envisaged.
    It enabled me to send our youngest, Charlotte and her then boyfriend, Andrew, (now husband), off to live in Australia for three years and experience another way of life.
    They are now back in Scotland and I’m going to be a grandad next month!
    My wife, Ann-marie and myself, have had many trips to the continent and shes even tried to broaden my appreciation of fine art and dining god bless her. Not so sure about the art but the fine dining has taken a toll on the old waistline but it was a price I was happy to pay.
    In closing David I wish you and your wife all the best. Keep the wind at your back, your dreams alive, and godspeed to you both.

  • 2 David // Mar 6, 2010 at 7:29 pm


    Many thanks for the comment on the blog. We have to “moderate” comments coming from new e-mail addresses to avoid spam! Hence the time delay from writing to it appearing. I know you will have enjoyed being moderated!

    Great to hear from you. Feels a few lifetimes ago the work on ATC but certainly a fun time. Glad it worked for you – are you still on G4?

    We should be in Australia at the beginning of next year. Certainly need to be in Darwin in July 2011 ready to go to Indonesia in the current weather season.


  • 3 David // Mar 6, 2010 at 9:06 pm

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  • 4 Ruth Herman // Mar 16, 2010 at 12:51 am

    been thinking of you & hope all maintenance etc about to become more fun sailing around. You might be departing from NZ soon – would be great to hear your thoughts on the place. Mudskipper most likely to sail there next summer. All very fine with us. Loving being in Sydney. About to acquire a campervan for some land travel now Pete has finished his gliding course and my mum is doing OK. just had great weekend camping in Blue Mountains for a music festival. love to you both

  • 5 sue browne // Mar 28, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Just been checking up on your whereabouts. I’m Ed Browne’s wife and we’re over in NZ for the next 3 weeks – visiting my brother and his family in Auckland. Ed couldn’t come due to work! Anyway – looks like you’re a lot further north and not in the harbour here as I’d originally heard. We’re travelling south from here, so won’t be able to call in on you – shame! Wishing you all the best on your great adventure – hope to meet you sometime in the future as Dion is always fond of telling me about his great sailing friends, the Wilsons.

    Take care.

  • 6 David // Sep 6, 2010 at 3:54 am

    Kept meant to answer but the boat maintenance kept us to the grind stone. Have escaped now and sitting in a very pretty anchorage in Fiji. Trade blowing quite hard today as there is high pressure to the south. Trust your visit to NZ went well. We got down to Auckland area with the boat before Xmas and enjoyed some good anchorages around the island of Waiheke. We’re back for the next cyclone season but will be in UK for December and January.

    Are you still dinghy sailing? Our son Andrew is really enjoying sailing a Laser at his Edinburgh Sailing Club at Crammond. There are quite a lot of keen dinghy folk at Dalgetty Bay on the North side of the Firth of Forth as well. Everywhere we go in the world we see the optimists. Good crowd here in Fiji. No lifejackets and lots capsizing. No hardship when the water is 28’C!