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Mahi Mahi and scrambles – Bora Bora

September 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Next morning, sun up and so to the ninety metres of chain yes ninety metres, its deep here. We have stronger winds on our trip towards Bora Bora, 25 to 30 knots but its not far as long as you go straight there. We had to divert as our fishing line was out and yes we caught a fish just as we were approaching the pass, we altered course to slow down and reel in this one point one metre Mahi Mahi. It took some effort to bring in the twenty two pounds of fish that was putting up a huge fight. I am so glad we have lots of friends already in Bora Bora congregating for a BBQ birthday party. One Japanese cruiser prepared a raw dish with some, some was prepared for bbqing some given away and the rest stored in the fridge. Excellent catch.

James Cook declared Bora Bora as the jewel in the Pacific, I’m afraid I have to disagree with the great man. The locals seem fed up with tourists and show it, everywhere has private signs, the main town is tackie and everything is overpriced.

However on the positive, we enjoyed cycling around the island, the view at the top of Mount Pahia 661m.and meeting up with lots of our friends, who now go either to Tonga via the Cooks or to Samoa then Tonga before heading to New Zealand or Australia. Now the view from the top of Mount Pahia was impressive and I am so glad it was a clear day and dry. The path was slightly tricky to find at first, then it just went up and up a lot of the time you had to use your hands and there were strategically placed ropes to help you up. When you reached the rock face you foolishly think your almost there oh no a walk around the other side of the mountain before you ascend again, this time you start on the stream bed then onto another rope, at each stage you think your nearly there and can’t turn back now, but up you go and up, and up until the final rope brings you to the top. Whats there? a flag, a bit of wind and a great view. Now the trip down would be easier on a tray, at least it would keep the shorts clean. Was it worth it? For me yes, but its not a walk it’s a scramble all the way.

So now we are at the end of the French Polynesian Islands, each group has been very different, each very interesting. Lots of great walks, sandy beaches, and generally very friendly and generous people. So glad we stopped here but now its time to move on. Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand here we come.

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