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At sea: Third bus and Stowaway

September 16th, 2009 · No Comments

We got our third ship very soon after the first two.  The three bus rule obviously works for ships as well.  This one was the Niu Polynesia on route to Apia, Samoa.

We have had a stowaway since we left Oban.  He is a LEGO man that Mary found on the final tidy up of the house and put in her pocket.  He has sat in the corner of the cockpit by the rope locker for the whole voyage.  He hides in the rope locker in heavy weather.  He deserves a name.  We will use your best suggestion, so get your ideas in by e-mail.  I will put some pictures on the blog site when we get to port.

He has a Wallrus face complete with tusks; blue cap and blue tea shirt with an anchor on it and red trousers!

Position: 15°9’S 165°21’W [-15.153,-165.347] at 15:00 Samoan time, GMT 02:00 September 16th
24hr run:  169.1 miles by GPS,  162.2 miles through water.
382 miles to Apia, Samoa. ETA at 6 knots:  07:11 18th September Samoan time
Wind: ENE 17 knots Sea: E swell 1.3m
Sky:  60% cloud cover

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