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String Rays and blue eyed eels

August 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Enterprising locals in the Society islands have tamed fish so that the tourists can get up real close. On Moorea, just west of Tahiti, there is shallow area in the lagoon behind the reef where you can stand waist high in water, while the sting rays push past to check you out looking for food. 1 meter sharks circle about 10 feet away for their turn for the food but don’t come any closer thankfully. Rays feel like soft foam toys! [-17.488,-149.902]

On Huahine in the village of Faie just by the shop there are blue eyed eels in the stream that come to be fed. They are slimy to the touch. Eels are about 3 feet long and 4 inch body diameter. You could see their teeth when the guide teased them with the tinned mackerel in the air. [-16.731,-150.995]

Plan to be in Bora Bora by next Sunday 30th August for a double birthday party, two cruisers celebrating with a combined bbq on the beach. [-16.5,-151.778]

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