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Still in the Marquesas

July 14th, 2009 · No Comments

Keep on expecting to be able to get internet in the next anchorage! We are moving around to the main town of the Marquesas, Taiohae on Naku Hiva [-8,918,-140.101] tomorrow. Hopefully this will give us opportunity to upload pictures etc to the blog site. Hoping we will get something special for 14th July celebrations. Even the communities in the north of the island are doing dances, and other adhoc events, we were ashore last night watching dances and signing.

We plan to move on to the Tuamotus later in the week. They are about 500 miles from here so it will take about 4 days. We have Fakarava on our list of possible atolls to visit[-16.298,-145.627]

Position: Anaho Bay, NE Naku Hiva [-8.821,-140.064]

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