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At sea: Frustrating winds

June 7th, 2009 · No Comments

Great sail during the day and into the first part of the night but then it the wind oscillated up and down.  We took out reefs to put them back in again during a rain squall.  Then we headed nearly south to stop the main bagging about in light winds.  At the moment the radar can see about 10 different rain clouds each with their squall of about 7 knots more than the background wind, but we are back close to course

We will be changing our clock back today.  The propagation to the radio station for the e-mails is getting worse especially in the morning.  Soon it will be better to try in the evening 24:00 GMT.  So don’t be surprised at no afternoon e-mail.  Currently we are have land at Easter Island 1292 miles away, Clipperton Island (10N,110W) 946, Hawaii 3164, Galapagos 1074, Marquesas 1821.  Approaching the point of furthest distance from any land.

We check into the Panama Pacific Net at 14:00 GMT and the Pacific Passage net at 23:00.  The 51 Catamaran, Beach House, usually makes more miles in the day but we are just 140 miles behind after the first 1000 miles so should be just 3 days behind him into Marquesas.  All the rest of the boats (6) we manage to do a few more miles.  After the net we chat with Beach House, feel we already know Scott, Cindy and Mike.  You create a mental image of what they look like – I wonder what the reality will be.  You can know first as they have a blog at

Position: [-5.488,-108.503] at 07:00 local, 14:00 BST
24hr run: 172 miles by GPS, 163.4 miles through water.
1837 miles to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands. ETA at 5 knots: 20:16 GMT 22nd June
Wind: ESE 13 knots (20 in squalls) Sea: Swells SW .5m, S 2m, SE 1.5m
Sky:  Rain Squalls

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