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At Sea: Record Day’s Run

June 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Great wind all day and a knot of current for most of the time.  RECORD day’s run of 180 miles, that’s an average of 7.5 knots.  The weather files (GRIB files) have us holding in the better wind for the next few days.  Boats behind will have less.  The swell we get here has come all the way from the storms in the roaring forties so are coming from the south or south west.  You can see the swell coming across the ocean on weather files like the ones in (link on the RHS of blog)

Position: -2.818,-94.901 at 07:00 local, 14:00 BST
24hr run:  180 miles by GPS, 159.3 miles through water.
2651 miles to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands. ETA at 5 knots: 18:33 GMT 24th June
Wind: SE 17 knots Sea: S swell 2.0m
Sky:  100% cloud cover

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