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Update: Leaving Galapagos

May 31st, 2009 · No Comments

We plan to leave early Sunday 31st May. There are lots of new photos in the gallery, including a few extra for Panama City – links below. If the Pacific lives up to its reputation it will be quiet enough to drop down from daily reports to longer between reports. Will try and update the position everyday though. Do remember that communicating via radio is an art form and failing to get an email through is as likely to be linked to sunspots and thunderstorms close to the receiving station as problems on board.

Panama canal and city gallery
Las Perlas Islands gallery
On route to Galapagos gallery
Galapagos Gallery

There are some videos as well.
Suggest right click and open in new tab. They will be slow to load

Sea lions being rolled by the surf on the breach
David diving with sharks
Frigates fishing in the crater lake
Close-up of the frigates fishing in the crater lake


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