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At Sea: Isla Del Malpelo

May 18th, 2009 · No Comments

Position: 3.990,-80.238  ,at 07:00 local, 13:00 BST
24hr run: 95.2 miles GPS,  112.6 miles log. ETA Galapagos at 5 knots:  05:21 local 24th May
Wind: South West 15-18 knots Sea: lumpy with no swell
Skye:  60% cloud cover no thunder clouds

Isla del Malpelo is some 80miles to the west, a small island in the middle of nowhere.  Sailed all day to windward.  Good boat speed and we are getting away from the thunderstorms of the doldrums that we could see all night in the distance.  We will tack after breakfast and start heading more for Galapagos.

Attempts to persuade Cattle Egret to return to Panama failed.  He is too comfortable on board.  Hoping he might fancy Columbia now that we are some 140 miles off.

Windpilot with its new rudder working really well.


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