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Last few days spending ECs in St Lucia

May 5th, 2009 · No Comments

One of the wonderful thing about sailing is meeting new people, some you just enjoy their company while your share an anchorage and some you will keep in touch with.. Mal and Joan are two cruisers we will keep in touch with. We had fun and one sunny Sunday going for a walk with them, starting at nine, off we went up the road turn right, down the lane, then which way? The road map didn’t show paths, but the local pony trekking group were out and we asked them where they were going, “down to the beach through the woods”

So we followed the ponies, smell is a wonderful thing! Mal pointed out the tourist tree, bark turns red and peels off! You can see why I got on with him. We arrived at the other side of the island, to the Atlantic side, the waves were crashing on the rocks and you could see why most sailing is done on the west, sheltered side of the island. We carried on in a generally northish direction we saw lots of posts with different coloured tops and at first we thought that it was some code for paths, later we discovered that it was marking out a new golf course and housing development. However golfing dreams land in bunker, could be the headline, the site had been laid out a few years ago and it was obvious there were no takers. We were back at Rodney Bay in time for lunch, then it was time to say goodbye, our plan was to leave the following evening.

We still had some EC currency in our pockets, and we felt it was probably going to be a long time before we returned to this area so wanted to spend them. When David filled up with fuel at the local fishing boat petrol dock he emptied his pockets with all the change he had, and the owner of the shop filled his hands with fishing line hooks and lures, good deal all round.

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