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At Anchor: Sun Blessed Islands

April 9th, 2009 · No Comments

Position:  9.5446,-78.9007. Lemmon Cays, San Blas Islands
Distance run 1096

Sorry no e-mail yesterday.  We were on “final approach” at the time and then needed to hurry to catch the officials for permits etc.  Then we had to celebrate arrival.

Was fed up about needing to have the windpilot self-steering gear repaired especially as the supplier suggests we replace 2/3rds of the unit at a suitably high price but the magic of the place has kicked in and now fully relaxed.  Kuna Indians are still enjoying life with natural material houses and dugout canoes.  They are keen to sell their molas – beautifully decorated sticked panels. Also got some fresh fish.

We need to work up a solution to the windpilot but expect to move on from here on Tuesday 14th April to arrive Panama early 15th.

Looking forward to the snorkelling.  Sea temperature up to 27’C.  There are anchorages here called swimming pool and hot tub!

Happy Easter to all our normal calendar readers this weekend.  Greek calendar followers have to wait a week for their Easter.  They usually make up for the delay with extra celebrations.  Will Is there be a BBQ in Callander with spring lamb this year?


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