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At Sea: Equipment failure

April 5th, 2009 · No Comments

Position at 11:25 BST 12.674,-75.842.
ETA at 5knts 12:11 Tues 7th Apr. 261 miles to go
GPS run 137 miles.
Wind NE 20 to 30 knots

The extra wind came as expected around dinner time last night. We went for an over cautious trysail and genoa to be sure we could handle squalls on top of the new wind. Took quite a time to pack away main and raise the trysail. Once up the helm couldn’t be balanced. It took a while to work out that a component on the windpilot had broken. We hove too and removed the broken part and got underway again using the electric autopilot. All that took 4 hours so Mary kept going while I had a quick nap and then we swapped. Wind and sea still up. Will gybe soon for San Blas islands. We should soon get past this windy bit. GRIB files have us short of wind as we approach the islands. We need daylight to navigate around the islands so I expect we will have to go slow to arrive first light Tuesday.


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