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At Sea: Escaped Dolphins

April 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

Position 13.933,-70.516
ETA at 5 knts 00:03 8th Apr.  560 miles to go
Wind SE 5.  Days run by GPS 155 miles

I think the dolphins that visited us as the sun went down last night were escapees from a fun park in Florida.  They performed an amazing routine of jumps, belly flops and tail slapping and then went to find a new audience.  Absolutely no time for bow riding!

Gybed in the middle of the night which wouldn’t be note worthy if it wasn’t for a telephone style call on the VHF.  The Captain of a tanker was not used to pleasure vessels having AIS so couldn’t understand how you surf a tanker and get it to twitch through 20 degrees! Normally the speed and direction broadcast remains the same.  So he called us on DSC which comes in with a urgent ringing sound.  OK when you are in the cockpit but annoying if both are on the foredeck working the pole for the genoa!

Should pass the 1/2 way point very soon.


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