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At Sea: Caribbean sea to ourselves

April 1st, 2009 · No Comments

Position 14.22,-64.978 at 11:25 BST
ETA at 5 knts 12:37 8th Apr.  873 miles to go
Wind E 5
167 miles by GPS since yesterday – a 0.5knot current helps.

I had quite forgotten how nice it is to be at sea on your own.  Atlantic was full of ARC boats etc.  Here we have the place to ourselves. The things that you worry about on the land go and you can just enjoy the moment.  No logic in worrying about the boat gear,  There will be a solution with what we have on board, may not be ideal but there is always a solution. Boat feels very good after all the bits we did in the Caribbean.  Excited by the prospect of visiting the Kuna indians in San Blas islands.

The weather is excellent not had to change sails yet.  Slightly lumpy sea.  Forecast is good as well.  Keeping to the north of the direct line route to avoid a gybe that would take us south.  More options if we keep north when we get to Columbian coast.


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