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At Sea: Smelling the Rum

December 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Position 14.90,-57.45 at 10:36 GMT
202 miles to go ETA at 5 knots 00:06 Monday 15th Dec.
Wind SE 4

This should be the penultimate report.  If we can keep up 6 knots we will arrive last light on Sunday evening.  Seeing more sailing boats. There was one just ahead all of yesterday that we were creeping upon.  During the night the light I confidently identified as a planet was in fact a yacht using its anchor light rather than tricolour.  We have one behind us as the sun came up doing much the same speed.

Mary has done an amazing job with the food.  Major shop was 11/12 Nov in Lanzarote and we still have fresh veg and enough oranges for breakfast.


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