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At Sea: Free Wind

November 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Position 14.64,-25.61 at 09:00 GMT
2051 miles to go.
ETA at 5 knots 06:50 17th Dec local time.
ETA at more likely 5.5 knots over the ground 18:50 15th Dec local time

It took us to 01:30 this morning to get the wind free from the effects of the Cape Verde islands. A full 24miles SW of the last small island Brava. A mixture of acceleration, (+ 10-15 knots),less wind (- 15knots) and 180 degree wind shifts. Enjoying steady NE 5 since then.

Will be listening to HERB on the radio tonight as he talks about the weather prospects – 12,359Hz at 20:00 GMT for those with a short wave radio. The weather files we get has a low wind patch at our latitute in a couple of days time.


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