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Cesar Manrique’s Island

November 11th, 2008 · 2 Comments

01_Manrique_Fish.jpgWell we did have heavy seas and the wind was quite strong, but with the correct sails up (trysail and little bit of genoa which rolled away to next to nothing, and in the lower wind rolled out a bit more) Giselle was very well behaved and we just kept on going. We left Funchal, Madeira, at lunch time and arrived Graciosa, island north west of Lanzarote lunchtime 2 days later. Winds were very gusty from force 4 to force 7 sometimes within minutes, and sea was up and down! However, with the anchor down, a shower, a sleep and a feed, life is wonderful again! Oh how you can forget!

02_At_anchor_Graciosa.jpgThe wind remained strong for the next few days, so on our trip around to Arrecife we kept the same sail combination, bright orange trysail and genoa, rolled in or out, I could really grow to like this. No boom to worry about very easy to go about or gybe. Arrecife harbour, working town with the usual cruise liner, container ship, fishing fleet etc etc. and as we arrived we saw a TP52 being loaded into a cargo boat, as the day progressed we saw more racing boats arrive, being dismasted and loaded. 03_TP52_Fleet_Loading.jpg

I have been so impressed with Lanzarote, I had the idea that it would be busy, full of drunken loud holidaymakers, well I’m still looking for them. Maybe I am in the wrong season or not out at the right time of night but Lanzarote is really good. I never thought I’d say that!! One of the important forces for good on the island was Cesar Manrique, an artist. That’s his painting at the top of this post. He influenced island planning, and helped design some of the tourist attractions. I’m guessing latterly you needed his blessing to the required people on board. We had Ewan and Jane visiting us, and our first outing was to Manrique’s house. 05_Manrique_house_cool_sitting_room.jpg 06_Manrique_house_swimming_pool.jpg Some place, rooms made from some of the lava tubes, cool in every way, very quiet and peaceful, a place to visit.

Next stop was Montanas Del Fuego, gives a new meaning to underground heating, temperature 10 cm below the surface is 140 C and 6 metres below it reaches 400C. The park rangers, guides or escaped convicts (sorry but their suits just give that impression) have a few party tricks which impress the crowd,07_Timanfaya_party_piece_1.jpg but the most impressive bit is the bus tour. 10_Timanfaya_road_1.jpg 11_Timanfaya_road_2.jpg We also timed our visit for lunch09_Timanfaya_lunch_Volcano_style.jpg Jameos Del Aqua, another attraction with Manrique’s influence, again calm, peaceful and just a delight to visit. 16_Jameos_del_Aqua_legs_now_in_tune.jpg18_Jameos_del_Aqua_flower.jpg They even have blind crabs!

Now we can’t have Jane and Ewan here without a bit of sailing, so we picked the calmest day they were here, with force 6 to 7 and out into the bay we went. I don’t think we put Jane off, I just hope she doesn’t expect the same wind or speed next time. No doubt she will get her own back by giving us a white knuckle drive with horse and carriage some day. Ewan gave me a white drive some thirty years ago, as a bride and I survived that (the drive and so far the marriage.)

It was great having Jane and Ewan as we got out and about, and a few too many times around San Bartolome not that there is anything wrong with the place except all roads on their map lead there and when you get there it’s hard to get out of.

As Ewan and Jane left, Sheana and Tom arrived, the first thing we did was check their map against the one Jane had left, Sheanas map looked better, for a start it looked to have more roads marked and was much clearer. Now there is no excuse for taking a detour.

The cactus gardens first stop with them, 02_Catus_garden.jpg the gardens were so well laid out, an excellent outing. 04_cactus_close_up_2.jpg Cactus are grown on the island as a crop, they allow the parasitic cochineal beetle to feed on them and then harvest the beetle and extract the colouring . The red colouring is used for makeup and food colouring, so you still want to wear that bright red lipstick? They went on to visit Jameos Del Aqua and I went for a quiet stroll on the beach, I thought I was on my own, until the blue spotted lizard arrived.05_Lizard_on_beach.jpg

We have bought some bottom sea fishing gear and thought that it might be a good idea to try it out with Tom, 06_Fishing.jpg as you can see he is looking and I’m still waiting!
Fuerteventura is the next island down and only about thirteen miles from the south end of Lanzarote, a pleasant day sail. It was. However you can probably hear the but coming, it was full of tack corners as reported by Tom and David. First the best 08_Corralejo_the_best.jpg then the rest. 09_Corralejo_not_so_good.jpg We did get Tom on the helm and I’m afraid Sheana he is a natural. Last night is always sad and here we are reviewing the photos 11_Reviewing_photos_before_they_leave.jpg
Now with the visitors gone, we can clean up! Fridges have been cleaned and wiped with bleach, water tank emptied bleached and refilled, hull bottom scraped and new anode, mast and rigging inspected, guess we’re getting ready for the big trip. After all although I said I liked Lanzarote I think a week on holiday is enough. We need a new beach to land on.

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  • 1 Ken & Reva // Nov 11, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Making us enveous Lanzarote is much like part’s
    of Tennerefe hope you get good weather all’s fine at this end

    Love and all the best
    Reva Ken

  • 2 Diane // Feb 11, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Reva and Ken.. please drop me a line. Diane, ex PE South Africa