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At Sea: Striped Dolphins in the Tagus Basin

October 15th, 2008 · No Comments

Got the engine on to charge the batteries so a chance to send an e-mail.

Expect to have done about 144 miles in the first 24 hours at 14:00 Wed 15th (37.31,-11.80) and now NNW of the Gorringe ridge so making straight for Porto Santo which is 336 miles away.

We had a large group of Striped Dolphins this morning, may be as many as 100. Sea was very clear and turquoise blue so they were easy to underwater. Water here is very deep at 5000m and has warmed up some 4’C to 21’C. Winds only 2-3 as forecast so progress will be slower. I’ll put up the pink crusing chute when I stop the engine to help us along.

Striped dolphins are similar in size and behaviour to common dolphins but have light grey on the flanks not the hourglass pattern of yellowish tan.

David and Mary

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