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Roaming Taste: Squid – Calamare

October 10th, 2008 · No Comments

So with squid I thought it would be a difficult job to prepare but not so. The hardest part was trying to get all the ingredients for British recipes! 010_Squid_9104.jpg

Firstly buy or catch your own squid.

Detach the head from the body with a sharp pull.011_squid_prep1_9105.jpg

Now remove the insides from the body and discard, including the plastic looking bit! 012_squid_prep2_9106.jpg Cut the body open and wash. Now remove the skin like covering on the outside of the body. Score the inside in diamond pattern, this is important as it helps the squid curl up when being cooked. Cut the body part into small bits about 1 to 2 in. pieces.

From the head cut off behind the eyes, discard the eyes, and squeeze the beak out.013_squid_prep3_9107.jpg When it comes out it leaves a ring with the tentacles. Cut the tentacles if large into smaller pieces. Now either cook or put in the fridge.

To cook, heat some oil up till really hot, smoking in fact. Place a few bits of squid in at a time, cook for two minutes. I then put on some salt pepper and a little hot pepper. I think the secret is cooking small amounts, in really hot oil. That’s it. Rick Stein has a super recipe but I found it hard to find the ingredients here so had to compromise. He also shows you the preparing process step by step.

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