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On our own, odd jobs and blackcurrants.

September 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Mary: We call at a hypermarket on the way back to La Coruna which makes us slightly late for returning the car, but they don’t notice. Well not after we tell them that the automatic lock doesn’t work and the information on the dash starts at Jan 2007 every time you start I think they thought we might be looking for discount! So they didn’t say anything about our late return.

We slip the ropes at the marina with ease and reverse out of our berth, and gently motor as darkness creeps in to another favourite anchor spot, El Ferrol. A lazy sunny morning, and you can hear someone practise their guitar on the shore repeating phrases of the tune until they have it perfect, then putting it altogether. The little boats go up and down the estuary with their trailing lines and are not for moving even when the naval frigate comes in, it glides through the water very slowly. We must do something then, putting our stores away would be good. Perhaps we should tidy some of the lockers first. One locker contains three half bottles of cassis, that’s a waste of space, but the three bottles are different so don’t really want to mix, our solution at eleven in the morning was test for the best. Now David being scientifically trained insists that it has to be done properly. A sheet was prepared, notes would be written on colour bowk viscos viscosi stickiness and taste. Now the three bottles were
1. Superior (that’s what it said on the Bacardi bottle, contents made by myself, with my own blackcurrants)
2.Caveau Imperial from Fixin, 20% and
3. Perrault Dabut 16%.
We tested straight and with wine.
After some time of testing and retesting to be sure and some more testing the conclusion was to keep the superior and discard the rest!
We did get the shopping away eventually. Honest.
Late afternoon and David dons the wetsuit and cleans the hull and checks the prop.

El Ferrol towards Laxe is a motor out to sea then a lovely windward sail. 12_Sailing_to_Windward_82.jpg I’m not sure if David is enjoying himself, perhaps he is as he is hogging the wheel! He did ask though gritted teeth if I wanted a go. We anchor just round the pier head, the pier has logs stacked ready to be loaded onto a ship and lots of people fishing. Ashore and we walk up to the two churches, one is high on the hill and has fantastic views out to sea.13_Laxe_91.jpg 15_Laxe_Santa_Rosa_Chapel_Inside_94.jpg the other in the town. The town has been revamped but in traditional style and looks good. We have a rolly night, but that’s ok I’m snug in my bunk.

Laxe to Camarinas, no wind still a big swell so it’s a motor trip. Just to add some excitement to this trip, David when having a look in the engine area (room makes it sounds too grand!) he decides that one of the engine housing bolts needs tightened, so engine off, genoa out, coffee on and lets drift along until the engine is cool enough to work on. Tightened up and off we go again. Camarinas is lovely, quieter town but has all you would want. I get a washing on the line and you can actually see it dry, but you have to watch it doesn’t blow off. Shirts and trousers and smalls! can have the line strung through the openings but sheets and pillowcases have to be watched preferably with a glass of wine and a book! We watch two yachts come around the harbour wall ready with their anchor, one boat puts their anchor down the next puts his on top, the first drags, they both lift anchor, they circle around, try again, this time too close to the pontoons, lift again, there is plenty of room, and you don’t have to be on top of each other. For an hour they messed about, then they decide to go off up the ria, now what will amuse me? Ironing, I don’t think so.

Shopping in Camarinas, and we buy squid, well I haven’t prepared or cooked squid before so out come the Rick Stein cookbook (given to me by my Wed. am class thank you) It’s not so difficult in fact quite easy, but for the recipe I want to follow I need watercress and sesame oil and other bits that Camarina stores do not have so The recipe is adapted! Cooking the calamar is simple and delicious, and will certainly try again. Its also cheap at 2 euros giving enough for two. My recipe will follow.

Today we have another visitor, Davids mum who has done lots of sailing with us and not just the easy stuff either, she has been around the Outer Hebrides in a 22 foot boat, round Fasnet Rock, Cornwall to Ireland so she’s been around in the nicest possible way. It will be great to have her on board.

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  • 1 IRENE MEIKLE // Sep 24, 2008 at 8:26 am

    Just read your blog before heading off to Wed am sewing class – will give them update. You will be pleased to know we are all ful of enthusiasm! Hope things are going well with you – glad to know the book has come in handy.