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Roaming Taste: Night Watch

August 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Thank you Ian for reminding me of Haggis Samosas.

One of the best picnic or middle of the night watch foods.made very simply with strips of filo pastry and haggis.

You will need
Filo pastry
Butter for melting

So cut the filo into strips any size does but about 2in by 8 in depends on the make of filo. Glue a two or three sheets together using melted butter, one on top of the other.

Take a small ball of haggis and put at the bottom of the strip.

Fold bottom left corner up, over haggis, diagonally to place corner on the right side of strip about 2in. up,

Brush with melted butter.

Take the right bottom corner and fold straight up, brush, right corner and fold diagonally to left side, brush and so on till you reach the top brush with melted butter again.

Put on baking tray and cook in oven, fairly hot till they go brown. It’s easier than it sounds and they do taste delicious.

Can be eaten hot or cold, just remember to hide them if you want to keep them!

Success depends on

Keeping the pastry covered at all times when not working it, to stop it drying out.

Using lots of melted butter as glue between sheets and when wrapping,

Alternative filling
Wild rice (cooked)
Mange touy
Basil ripped up
Parmesan cheese
Cooked chopped onion

Mix all of above together, spoon onto filo and make parcel, cook till brown.


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