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Enjoying Scotland before going foreign

July 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Mary: Our neighbour on the next mooring at Oban Marina on Kerrara flew in to pick up their buoy. The little sea plane does a regular service from the heart of Glasgow, but I was a little concerned when he landed and skimmed across the water directly towards us. I thought of having to fill out insurance claims plane took off our masthead light I know the mast is tall at 70 feet but I think the insurance company would ask questions. Passengers are transferred from plane to ferry on the mooring platform – 01_SeaPlane_Kerrara.jpgsee picture in the gallery.

So what’s the equivalent of the kitchen sink for men? Because I think we have it packed somewhere! Ideas in the comments section please.

I know I know David needs all the bits, all the spares, all the tools, but not all the locker space! Gay (previous owner of Giselle) was right; claim as much locker space ladies as you can because once there is a plastic bag with bits in you have lost it forever. How do other sailing wives get over this?

Ewan, my brother, sometimes known as MacBrochan joined us on Sunday night (13th July). Monday we left for Mull, into Loch Spelve, we went ashore in the SW corner by the fish farm to be picked up by his friend, Jim Corbett. I guess you would call him the laird of Loch Buie. What an amazing location to live in we had a great couple of hours with them, in a fabulous drawing room looking out to Colonsay. Original Sanderson wallpaper decorated the walls which were incredibly dramatic decorated around 1912. Apparently can still be bought, but you might need a mortgage for it!02_loch_buie.jpg

We left Jim and Patience debating the suitability of the weather for gathering and shearing sheep the next day. I’m sure they succeeded as the weather was good for us as we returned to Oban to let MacBrochan get away back to Aberdeen on Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday spent packing, organising and generally getting ship shape.

We tied up along side Oban south pier for fuel, good price, great service and you get a chance to chat with the piermaster, employed by Caledonian MacBraynes. He gave me a copy of the regulations, which I will file for future use. Please read – linked here! (added below for those who have difficulty with link)

MacBraynes rule the waves and south pier at Oban!

Being on the south pier, reminded me of an occasion thirty years ago when we were filling up with water, the large hose, generally used by fishing boats was attached to the stand pipe, and turned on by a key. I was on the pier very gently turning the key just to crack it open, we only had a small tank, when along came a fisherman thinking I was having trouble opening the pipe turn it on full blast, I instantly turn it off again and that was our tank full. If left on would probably have sunk the boat in a few minutes. Changed days on the pier, you probably need a letter in triplicate to get water.

Caledonian MacBrayne

Hebridean & Clyde Ferries

Conditions of Use of Oban South Pier & Oban Railway Pier.

1 . All berths must be booked in advance and vessels must gain permission to berth from the duty Piermaster prior to their arrival. All vessels must berth as instructed by the duty Piermaster.

2. Once berthed the master of any vessel shall report his vessel’s presence, size, length of stay, purpose and any goods or catch to be landed or loaded, together with notification of a permanent address of the vessel`s owner(s) and, if different, an address to which all dues incurred may be invoiced, to the duty Piermaster as soon as is. practical and no later than within 24hrs of arrival.

3. No 1 and No 2 berths (Ferry berths), and the Small Vessel berth between the South and Railway piers, may only be used with the express permission of the duty Piermaster.

4. Berths at the South Pier are strictly for the purpose of landing and icing only and vessels must clear the berth as soon as they have landed. Priority will be given to vessels which are landing immediately.

5. The breakdown berth at the South Pier is for the purposes of repair only, unless instructed by the duty Piermaster. Vessels wishing to use the breakdown berth must inform the duty Piermaster together with details of the breakdown, who is to carry out the repair and the expected length of time for the repair.

6. No repairs are to be carried out at the Railway Pier without prior approval of the duty Piermaster.

7. Limited vehicular access to vessels berthed at the Railway Pier is permitted by arrangement with the duty Piermaster. Vehicles must not block the access road and must be removed as soon as practicable. No parking is available on the Railway Pier.

8. Vessels must fender and moor securely to other vessels, and re‑moor securely any vessel which has been moved.

9. Vessels must use shore ropes When alongside other vessels

10. Vessels must wherever possible berth alongside like sized vessels

11. In the interests of Health & Safety, decks must be kept clear to allow unhindered access to other vessels and all clam dredges must be stowed inboards

12. Vessels landing and repairing gear on the South Pier must inform Oban Port Users Ltd if working,outside the compound.

13. Masters of vessels wishing to conduct business (checking prawn weights, etc) at the South Pier should only do so after berthing their vessel at the Railway Pier, or leave a crew member ashore.

14. Vehicles with refrigerated units must not park or remain at the South pier between 2300 and 0700.

15. Vessels being left unattended must provide the duty Piermaster with a contact telephone number.

16. Should any vessel be damaged, or in danger of being so by other users, the duty Piermaster must be informed.

17. Vessel owners who intend to use their boat commercially are required to register with the Company and to submit to the Company at the end of each month of operation returns showing the total number of passengers carried and description of goods landed or loaded.

18. Berthing and‑landing dues include waste disposal facilities to the level required by local and leisure craft. Any requirements for extraordinary waste facilities or specialised waste disposal must be ‑made to the duty Piermaster at least 24hrs in advance and will be charged at cost.

19. If the master of any vessel attempts to evade the payment of any charges that he may owe in respect of banning and landing dues he shall be liable to pay 3 times the amount which would otherwise be due, plus any expenses incurred by the company in obtaining settlement.

CalMac Ferries Oban Piermaster can be contacted between the hours of 0530 and 0200 seven days a week on VHF Channel 14 ‘CalMac Oban Piermaster’, or telephone 01631 565854.

CalMac Ferries Ltd, December 2006

CalMac and Caledonian MacBrayne are trading names of CalMac Ferries Limited (SC302282)

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  • 1 Andrew // Jul 23, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    What about number 2?

    2. Once berthed the master of any vessel shall report …., together with notification of a permanent address of the vessel`s owner(s)

    What is your permanent address??