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Cruising Association has come up trumps again.

February 15th, 2008 · No Comments

calogo.gifMary writes – I’ve been worrying how to get the prescription drugs on board. Done lots of internet research and talked with lots of medical people but no solution. One short phone call to Dr Bob Hadley at the Cruising Association and I now have a simple plan for both our repeat prescriptions for blood pressure and cholesterol and the drugs for the first aid kit. I’ve booked on a first aid course he runs designed for bluewater cruisers. I hope to gain lots of information and knowledge, eg not to dial 999!!, that one day may save a life. You can’t put money on

David thought it might be a good idea to save money by letting the membership lapse in 2006 after we had got all the important help with entry formalities etc on our trip to St Petersburg in 2005. Since then the CA has helped us with selling the Baltic charts, buying the charts for the world trip, buying the boat and repairing the rigging in Palma within 24 hours of discovering we had a problem. He has had to admit I knew best on this one! Here is a link to the CA (opens in a new window)

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