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Still loosing weight & Still getting jabs

February 8th, 2008 · No Comments


Still loosing weight. The diet really does work well. The food is good and I don’t have cravings for forbidden foods. In fact most forbidden foods feel sickly! Even 1 coffee a day is all that I want (should be 0 but….). Blue line on graph above is 4 lbs per week loss, yellow is 2 lbs per week and the magenta is completing the 1.5 stone challenge before we set sail in July. We have an appointment with the local GP nurse for jabs on Monday so will get the official word on my weight then. We have had the Hepatitis A/B jabs 1 & 2 and will get Tetanus/Polio/Diphtheria this time. To come is yellow fever, typhoid and the last one will be jab 3 of the hepatitis in June.

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